Getting good reviews is not just about the cuisine.

Whether it is your patrons or a food critic, getting a good review for your restaurant is not just about the food.  Other factors go into the total experience of your restaurant including service, atmosphere and overall experience.   To create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to make sure your customers are truly enjoying their […]

How to pick the right stable base for your business.

Commercial restaurant furniture has to be sturdy and functional yet it has to be pleasing to the eyes as well.  Tables and seating and bases all have to be selected keeping this point in mind.  Bases are an important part of furniture, particularly tables.  The whole weight of the furniture rests on bases and if […]

Arranging your restaurant seating is as important as arranging your menu.

Commercial restaurant furniture, particularly tables, seating and bases have to be chosen after keeping in mind some basic facts.  Tables and chairs in a restaurant need to be selected to fill up as much as space as possible. Unlike a home where one can sacrifice enormous space for the sake of creating harmony and aesthetic […]

What height table base do you need for your restaurant?

  Whether you are looking for decorative cast iron, aluminum, wrought iron, chrome, metal or a stainless steel table base, you have a large selection of materials to choose from.   What is also important to your restaurant’s style and furnishings is the height of your tables. We can also offer regular, bar height and […]

Finish your restaurant with high quality table base finishes.

  Whether you are looking for decorative cast iron, wrought iron or one of our other table bases options, many are available unfinished. This gives you the choice to pick the final finish of the table bases you want to complete the overall look you want for your restaurant furniture.   Contact us today and […]

Cut your restaurant furniture budget, not your expectations.

  The importance of commercial quality restaurant equipment and accessories is paramount in both new and established restaurants.   For example, you need dishes that hold up to abuse, don’t chip or crack easily, and are made for commercial use.  You can’t just go to your local chain store and buy household dishware and expect […]

Choose the right quality restaurant furniture for your business.

  When starting a new restaurant, there are almost countless decisions to be made. You need to find that perfect name that will drive customers in, create a menu that will keep your customers’ palette wanting more, and portray that perfect environment that will package your patrons overall experience. With all decisions you need to […]