3 Ideas for Restaurant Table-Top Summer Centerpieces

Summer Centerpieces

If you’re a restaurant owner or manager, there’s no better way to enhance the dining experience and create a visually appealing ambiance for your guests than a well-planned tablescape. By coming up with a creative arrangement that incorporates various elements such as table linens, glassware, and centerpieces, you can create a more memorable culinary experience.  […]

Pub, Counter, & Standard Bar Height: A Comprehensive Bar Stool Height Guide

Standard Bar Height

Selecting the ideal bar stool height can be a challenge. So, we’ve compiled this comprehensive bar stool height guide to help you find the perfect fit for your space. Understanding Bar Stool Heights There are various bar stool heights to consider when designing your bar or restaurant. Understanding the differences between standard bar height, counter […]

A Guide to Finding the Right Restaurant Table Top

Restaurant Table Top

Finding the right restaurant table top can be a key factor in creating the mood and ambiance of your business. Which pieces you select will depend on considerations such as: Are you a family-friendly burger joint or a chic vegan café?  Are you going after a high-end clientele or trying to attract sports fans to […]

Top Restaurant Furniture Trends for 2023

Restaurant Furniture Trends

Once the COVID-19 lockdown ended and dining out resumed, customers started to pay more attention to their surroundings, craving an aesthetic experience that complements their meal. A big part of this new “dining out experience” is a restaurant that’s comfortable, welcoming, and unique in character.  Today’s restaurant furniture trends are blending the best of the […]

Should You Buy Used Restaurant Equipment?

Should You Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

For any restaurant owner who is looking to upgrade their furniture, it’s important to answer the question, “should you buy used restaurant equipment?” before making any purchasing decision. Many individuals believe that buying used restaurant furniture is a much more cost-effective solution when upgrading their establishment, but there are plenty of reasons why this may […]

How To Choose Bar Stools For Your Venue

How To Choose Bar Stools

For many restaurant and bar owners, understanding how to choose bar stools that fit the style and theme of the venue can get complicated. Bar stools are an easy way to bring versatility, functionality, and decor to any setting. However, choosing the suitable types can get tricky, especially with so many options available with various […]

Summer Bar Promotion Ideas

Summer Bar Promotion Ideas

With summer in full swing, it’s time to spice things up and take advantage of the ultimate summer bar promotion ideas. Whether it’s individual patrons, niche audiences, or large groups you wish to entice to your establishment, there are numerous ways to go about it, including ways that are both simple and cost-effective. So don’t […]

How To Expand A Restaurant Patio

How To Expand A Restaurant Patio

Knowing how to expand a restaurant patio to accommodate more guests means having the knowledge to position your restaurant to generate more revenue. When COVID first started to spread throughout the world, many restaurants initially had three choices: offer takeout only, offer outdoor dining only, or shut down. As a result, the restaurants that wanted […]