Should You Buy Used Restaurant Equipment?

Should You Buy Used Restaurant Equipment

For any restaurant owner who is looking to upgrade their furniture, it’s important to answer the question, “should you buy used restaurant equipment?” before making any purchasing decision. Many individuals believe that buying used restaurant furniture is a much more cost-effective solution when upgrading their establishment, but there are plenty of reasons why this may not be the ideal choice. 

Here are some primary reasons why you should think twice before investing in used restaurant furniture, as well as ways that you can make the most out of your purchase if you’re going with new.

Reasons to Avoid Used Restaurant Furniture

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant, renovating an existing establishment, or simply looking to make a small change in decor, you should highly consider all options before investing in used restaurant furniture. 

While it may seem like a smart way to save money, especially with a smaller budget, there are many disadvantages and downsides to purchasing used restaurant equipment that can often become a major hassle for any restaurant owner. Below are some of the top reasons why you should avoid used restaurant furniture, no matter how good of a deal it appears to be:

  • Harder to Match Replacement Furniture – In the event that you do need to replace a used piece of furniture that is damaged, it becomes significantly harder to match a replacement piece to the rest of your decor. Picture this: you buy a bundle of ten used chairs for your eatery, and two of the chairs become damaged. If you are unable to find the supplier of these items, it becomes significantly more difficult to find replacements that will match the others. This can lead to you needing to change your entire decor just to match your furniture.
  • Used Furniture May Not Meet Industry Standards – Is used furniture safe to buy? Well, for the most part, yes. However, used restaurant furniture may not be made for commercial use and may not meet industry standards as new furniture will. When you are unsure of whether or not this equipment has been tested and certified for commercial use, you are increasing the chance of jeopardizing the safety of your patrons.
  • Used Equipment Isn’t Always Cheaper – A restaurant owner who buys used equipment may believe that they’re saving money, but this isn’t always the case. Firstly, used restaurant furniture is much more prone to damage and comes with a higher likelihood of needing maintenance or replacement. Since wear and tear have already made their mark, you may find yourself replacing this used equipment in a few months’ time, whereas new furniture will have a much longer lifespan. Secondly, buying new furniture in bulk can provide you with some desirable discounts on your order, especially when purchasing from a reputable wholesaler who offers bundled packages.
  • Not Backed By Warranty – Another aspect to keep in mind is that used furniture may not be backed by a warranty. If an item does break or become unusable, you have a much smaller chance of securing a replacement piece without spending even more money to do so. Companies that sell new equipment will usually have a warranty in place that allows you to receive replacement items if something does happen to them.
  • Limited Availability – So you worked hard to create a style that best showcases what your establishment has to offer, and now you just need some furniture to match. When buying used, you have a smaller selection to choose from, and you may need to settle with some secondhand items that fail to meet or match the standards of your decor. Never let a limited selection determine how you should decorate your space. 
  • Rebates – Some online furniture suppliers will offer rebates that can save you extra money in the long run when purchasing new equipment. For instance, ENERGY STAR®-certified equipment can sometimes save restaurant owners up to $12,000 over the item’s lifespan, providing a return on investment that will be much more desirable than settling with used gear.

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