Implementing Restaurant Decor Ideas on a Budget

Restaurant Decor Ideas on a Budget

Figuring out how to apply restaurant decor ideas on a budget can be difficult. Furniture, remodeling, decorations, lighting, and greenery are some of the main components of restaurant decor, all of which can run up a large bill. Finding more affordable alternatives to these features can be a hassle, and oftentimes you risk choosing products that aren’t necessarily up to your standards of quality.

But, while there are risks, sprucing up the appearance of your restaurant without paying a fortune is absolutely possible. We don’t have to tell you how important it is to create a welcoming atmosphere where guests can enjoy spending their time. Appealing designs that captivate guests demonstrate your interest in prioritizing the customer experience and reflect the level of care you have for your own space. Let us show you how you can accomplish that without going over budget.

Below, we’ll briefly touch on some of the best and most convenient ways to help build your ideal restaurant space without breaking the bank.

The Top Restaurant Décor Ideas 

These restaurant decor ideas could be the start of your restaurant interior design low-budget journey.

Embrace Minimalism

Firstly, consider embracing a minimalist approach by keeping the decor simple and clean. Focus on functionality and use neutral colors, such as white, gray, or earth tones. This style often relies on the strategic placement of a few key decorative elements, like plants or artwork, to create an inviting atmosphere.


One cost-effective and aesthetically pleasing option is to decorate with indoor plants. Incorporate plants and greenery into your restaurant decor. Plants not only add a fresh and natural element but can also improve air quality. Look for low-maintenance plants like succulents, ferns, or pothos, which are cost-effective and require minimal care.

Hire Local Artists

If you live in a big city or ‘artsy’ town, there are sure to be some local artists that would love the experience and exposure a mural gives. An interesting mural, or other wall art design, has the power to take up space and add dimension to a room, so you might not have to worry about filling the remaining space with additional decor.

Chalkboard Menu

Here’s a unique way to add a rustic touch to your restaurant: instead of printing and framing menus, use chalkboards or chalkboard paint to display your menu items. This can help you easily update the menu without additional printing costs while adding a personalized touch to your space.

Reconsider Lighting

Lighting can often make or break a restaurant’s interior design. Try capturing a simple interior aura with a minimalistic look. Focus on fewer, affordable light fixtures and place them in strategic areas for added ambiance and dimension. Keep in mind that most guests prefer dim, warm lighting. Depending on the size of your restaurant, you might be able to get away with a few simple fixtures and a candle on each table.

Bring in the local flare.

Head to local thrift stores and antique shops to find great deals on interesting artifacts from your town and get creative with what you can use as decor. For example, if you live in the southwest, you can decorate your restaurant with vintage Western photos, geometric patterns, and iron artifacts. You never know what you might find at a second-hand store, but it’s sure to be reasonably priced.

DIY Your Furniture

Restaurant furniture is very important to guests – and can be very expensive. Some of the best restaurant decor ideas on a budget include making your table, and chairs look brand new by giving them a fresh coat of paint, adding a colorful throw pillow, or getting them reupholstered. Tablecloths can also be a great way to revamp the look of your tables but keep in mind the cost of having them cleaned and replaced.

Large Wall Text

Conveying a message on your restaurant’s wall is a popular restaurant design on a budget idea. Many guests will travel out of their way to visit restaurants with great photo opportunities, and that’s exactly what your wall message can offer! Not only will you have affordable wall decor, but you’ll be creating an additional experience that guests will love.

Incorporating new restaurant décor ideas is important because it helps create an immersive experience that guests won’t forget. More importantly, the right decor can make a guest excited to tell their friends about your establishment and invite them to share in the experience. That being said, it’s crucial to understand what kind of clientele you’re targeting so you can be confident that your guests will love your affordable decor.

It’s always good to keep things fresh and interesting in your restaurant by revamping the style every few years. If it’s been a while since you redecorated your restaurant and you’re looking to do so on a budget, these bistro decor ideas will help! 

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