How Often Should Furniture For Restaurants Be Replaced?

Furniture for Restaurant

The importance of properly maintaining furniture for restaurants cannot be overstated. While it may not seem like that big of a deal, the furniture can say a lot about a business, and ensuring that all of your seating and dining arrangements are in order can not only improve customer experience, but keep businesses ready for any future remodeling or redesign efforts. 

So, how often should you replace furniture for restaurants? Here are some ways to tell if it’s time.

Analyzing Restaurant Interior Furniture

Depending on the business, restaurant interior furniture may sometimes serve a more grand purpose in terms of theme, or style. For restaurants that strive on these instances, knowing when to get new furniture can be even harder. What it really comes down to is having a good idea of what type of furniture you wish to use, and knowing what the lifespan for these products are. Furniture of differing materials have varying lifespans, so make sure you properly address these concerns ahead of time.

Something to keep in mind when replacing furniture is whether or not you wish to use the same type or style that was previously installed. If you noticed that your furniture wore down quickly, consider switching things up and trying something that might last longer. Choosing the same furniture that already caused problems may just lead to the same issues arising once again.

Here are some things to keep in mind when addressing whether or not you may need to replace your current furniture:

  • Look for wear and tear – All furniture, no matter the material, will eventually showcase some wear and tear. For wood features, this can be a nick, scratch, chip, or general wear on the surface itself. For aluminum and metal, this can be a dent, stain, scratch, or bulge in the material. If any of these are prevalent, it may be time to move on and get something new.

  • Consider a replacement table topTable tops are subject to more wear and tear than most other furniture pieces. Since nobody wants to dine on a table top that clearly looks old and dilapidated, it’s better to address these replacements as soon as there’s any sign of issues, to keep customers happy and engaged.

  • Examine wobbly or uneven chairs – Have you ever had to stick some sugar packets under a table leg to keep it from wobbling? An uneven chair can ruin a dining experience, and it’s best to fix the issue with either a felt bottom, or by replacing the chair entirely, as it could be a sign of breaking in the near future.

  • Adapt with the industry – If you notice that other similar restaurants to your establishment have recently renovated their restaurant dining room furniture, it may be beneficial to adapt with the changes, and update your furniture to keep up with the competition. This way, patrons are less likely to notice abrupt differences between establishments, and view each on level terms.

  • Know your upholstery – Upholstered restaurant interior furniture is certainly going to age faster than others, so if your establishment utilizes these types, you should expect to update far more often than you typically would.

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