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Restaurant Furniture Blog

Bistro Tables & Bases not only provides high quality restaurant table bases, but also likes to share, tips, news and other topics relevant to the industry through ongoing blog posts. Check back to this commercial restaurant furniture blog often.

Opening your first restaurant and making it a success.

restaurant-open-tablesOpening a restaurant is a very exciting venture. However, this also takes a lot of work and a lot of research. You will need to find a chef, a supplier, interior designer and also affordable restaurant furniture. Your tables and chairs have got to match your color scheme, they need to be of good quality, and they need to look great too.


One of our experts will be happy to help you choose something that reflects whatever it is you are going for, whether a diner look, dark mysterious atmosphere or something brighter. We will provide high quality furniture for restaurants so that you can see your dream come to life and have furniture that is durable as well as chic.


We can provide you with tables, chairs, bases, whatever it is you are looking for in terms of furniture such as our high quality outdoor wicker furniture collection; we will be able to help you. There is no need to settle for furniture that does not hold true to the standard of your restaurant and will break in only a matter of months. Give your restaurant the strong start it needs, by supplying it with durable furniture.


If your restaurant is undergoing renovations and you are in need of affordable seating and tables, we are a great option with you. With us you get value for your money. Your restaurant will be looking fabulous in no time. Contact us for more information on our products, or shipping costs and times. We are more than happy to help you. Customer satisfaction is important to us.



Bring in new restaurant patrons with a new look.

restaurant renovationsSo it’s time to get some renovations done. You need to jazz up your restaurant, have it looking fresh and as outstanding as it used to in the early days of operation. You want your customers to be awed, to be wowed when they step through the front door. You want to impress. However, there are so many things to consider, so many decisions to make. You aren’t sure what color the walls should be, or if you should add more plants, you want to change out the seating and tables but have no idea where to get them. Well, we are here for just that purpose.

We offer a wide selection of indoor and outdoor restaurant table tops and seating such as our durable beechwood barstools, thus you need not look any further. What we provide is quality equipment that will last. There’s no reason to compromise durability for beauty because we offer both. You can have furniture that is not only pleasing to the eyes but also furniture that will last.


You have worked hard for your money, we know that, and thus we provide you something that will be worth the money you spend on it. With a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from, you will not have a problem finding something that matches the new direction your restaurant is taking. Your customers will be amazed as they see your wonderful renovations and enjoy new, comfortable seating in the restaurant they love so much. Choose us for all your restaurant furniture needs.



Getting good reviews is not just about the cuisine.

restaurant open signWhether it is your patrons or a food critic, getting a good review for your restaurant is not just about the food.  Other factors go into the total experience of your restaurant including service, atmosphere and overall experience.


To create the perfect atmosphere and ambiance to make sure your customers are truly enjoying their meal, you need to put thought into the details.  Do the table settings and colors relax or strain your patrons? Does the lighting reflect a soft or harsh experience? Is the artwork subtle or distracting? Are the table bases sturdy?  Are the chairs comfortable?


Our table bases and chairs not only offer comfort and sound, sturdy design, they also offer something even more important to your bottom line: a better product at a reduced price.  Now that is a detail not to overlook.



How to pick the right stable base for your business.

sturdy-table-baseCommercial restaurant furniture has to be sturdy and functional yet it has to be pleasing to the eyes as well.  Tables and seating and bases all have to be selected keeping this point in mind.  Bases are an important part of furniture, particularly tables.  The whole weight of the furniture rests on bases and if the base is not strong there is a chance that tables will topple over with the weight of food, cutlery, crockery, bottles and glasses etc. There are different types of bases, like a single flat base, four legged aluminum base, or pedestal base. All are made keeping the functional use of the table in mind. It’s easy to choose the types of bases one needs for commercial restaurant furniture.


Tables with single base have one flat base at the bottom.  Single pedestal base is considered stronger, it can support the table and any weight one wants to put on the top of the table. Generally, restaurant tables have a pedestrian style base with flat feet, which grip the ground and keep the table sturdy.  The four foot legged base looks elegant and come in different styles, made of steel, wood, or iron.  Sometimes outdoor restaurants favor a four legged base for the tables.  The latest base is made out of a round pipe like pole attached to a square or round plate on the ground.


Whatever type of base you would like to choose for your restaurant please keep in mind that it needs to be both trendy and functional.  It is very embarrassing for the guests to sit on a table which sometimes tend to topple over because it has a weak base.


Contact us for more information on our products, or shipping costs and times. We are more than happy to help you. Customer satisfaction is important to us.


Strong tables make strong restaurants.

strong table basesTables are an essential part of the furniture in a commercial restaurant.  One needs sturdy, strong tables for restaurants to take the load of food. Tables are a part of commercial restaurant furniture need to come in all shapes and sizes. There are many types of tables to choose from, there are round table, pub tables, square tables, small tables for children and folding tables and even rectangular. Tables and bases, along with seating arrangements in order not to waste space make a restaurant successful or unsuccessful.


Tables along with chairs and decorations create an ambiance a particular atmosphere which separates a good restaurant from a bad one or from eateries and fast food outlets.  A variety of tables are available as a part of the restaurant furniture collection within the hospitality industry.  There are tables with round tops and square designs as well as rectangular tables available in walnut or mahogany veneer. One does not need a table cloth if the veneer is glossy and smooth. There are bar height tables and folding tables and even Logo tables, which are round tables with the logo of many universities embossed on the top.  There are tables of different heights, low height to suit low seating arrangement and tables in normal height.


As you see there are a plenty of tables to choose for your restaurant. What type, height, and size of table you want to choose depends on the other furniture, lighting and the rest of the ambiance of your restaurant. If you choose a white plastic square table and chairs while the rest of the furniture is cushioned and comfortable, then your table will stand out like sore thumbs so think before choosing suitable tables for your restaurant.


Contact us for more information on our products, or shipping costs and times. We are more than happy to help you. Customer satisfaction is important to us.


Arranging your restaurant seating is as important as arranging your menu.


Commercial restaurant furniture, particularly tables, seating and bases have to be chosen after keeping in mind some basic facts.  Tables and chairs in a restaurant need to be selected to fill up as much as space as possible. Unlike a home where one can sacrifice enormous space for the sake of creating harmony and aesthetic environment, waste of space in a restaurant means commercial waste.  Seating arrangements are important, if chairs arranged too close to each other it makes for an awkward seating arrangements.  For a trendy restaurant it is important to go for trendy seating arrangements.


Many designer furniture shops have chairs which are made keeping in mind commercial restaurants. They’re trendy resin chairs, bar stools, large seating arrangements across walls with soft, trendy sofas flush against walls across tables with a chair placed opposite.  Bar stools, comfortable cushion chairs with arm rests, long seating sofa arrangements in the middle of the room, cushioned chair with straight back and chairs with curved bottom and backs are some ideas which are put forth by furniture designers for the commercial restaurants.


Restaurants need to create an ambiance of good food, pleasant and gracious living.  Therefore, it is essential for the owners to select seating arrangement, chairs and sofas with an eye to create an image as well as trying to keep the space in the restaurant commercially viable. This is a difficult task, but it can be done with a little care and attention to detail.


Contact us for more information on our products, or shipping costs and times. We are more than happy to help you. Customer satisfaction is important to us.


What height table base do you need for your restaurant?



Whether you are looking for decorative cast iron, aluminum, wrought iron, chrome, metal or a stainless steel table base, you have a large selection of materials to choose from.


What is also important to your restaurant’s style and furnishings is the height of your tables. We can also offer regular, bar height and most importantly custom height table bases for any restaurant.


Contact us today and let us help you find that perfect table base.

Find the perfect price for the perfect table base.



Whether you are looking for a more economical decorative cast iron table base or a higher end stainless steel table base, we have a large selection of materials to choose from for any budget and look.


Contact us today and let us help you find that perfect table base.

Finish your restaurant with high quality table base finishes.



Whether you are looking for decorative cast iron, wrought iron or one of our other table bases options, many are available unfinished. This gives you the choice to pick the final finish of the table bases you want to complete the overall look you want for your restaurant furniture.


Contact us today and let us help you find that perfect table base.

Cut your restaurant furniture budget, not your expectations.



The importance of commercial quality restaurant equipment and accessories is paramount in both new and established restaurants.


For example, you need dishes that hold up to abuse, don’t chip or crack easily, and are made for commercial use.  You can’t just go to your local chain store and buy household dishware and expect them to hold up in a commercial setting. The same goes for your restaurant furniture.


Although everyone wants quality furnishings, whether you are a new restaurant owner looking to get your doors open, or an established restaurant looking for a new look, we know every business owner has one thing in common: budget.


With budget on our minds, we as consumers think that we have to sacrifice quality, but this is not always the case.


As a restaurant furniture supplier, we offer only commercial grade table bases, table tops and seating at prices that will not break your budget and quality that will endure.


Call today and one of our friendly representatives will help fulfill your needs.