How To Choose Bar Stools For Your Venue

How To Choose Bar Stools

For many restaurant and bar owners, understanding how to choose bar stools that fit the style and theme of the venue can get complicated. Bar stools are an easy way to bring versatility, functionality, and decor to any setting. However, choosing the suitable types can get tricky, especially with so many options available with various features and comfort levels. To ensure that you get the right furniture for your establishment, here’s a closer look at the various types of restaurant bar stools and ways to know how to choose bar stools that will make a statement.

The Importance of Appropriate Restaurant Bar Stools

So what makes having the proper restaurant bar stools, tables, and chairs so important in the grand scheme of business? Well, for patrons and guests attending a restaurant for the first time, some initial things they tend to notice are the layout and the furniture occupying the space. This especially rings true for bars where the main counter is the focal point since potential patrons will first look at that area for open spots.

Since setting a good first impression is absolutely crucial to a successful establishment, you want this preliminary scan to make a statement immediately. Think of yourself walking into a restaurant for the first time. What looks more appealing upon initial viewing: a raggedy stool with a napkin stuffed underneath for balance or a high-end barstool with a cushioned seat and armrests? You’d be surprised by how much this simple notion can alter the apparent quality of your venue.

A Guide On How to Choose Bar Stools

Here are some tips on how to choose bar stools that are appropriate for every spot in your establishment:

  • 1. Seat Height & Width – Accurate measurements are necessary for restaurant bar stools, since you want to ensure that guests aren’t malpositioned while sitting at a table or at the bar itself. The best strategy for finding appropriate seats for your counters is to measure the distance from your bartop or tabletop to the floor, then subtract 10 to 12 inches from the height.
    • Chairs typically range from 17-20” and are appropriate for tables 30-33” in height.
    • Commercial Counter Stools measure from 23-28” and pair best with 35-37” table heights.
    • Bar Stools are between 29-32” and work best with countertops of 42”.

    For width, it’s recommended to leave at least 26” to 30” of space between the centers of each bar stool so that patrons will have at least 6 inches of space between them. Wider bar stools should have even more space so guests don’t bump into each other getting in and out.

  • 2. Frame Materials – Restaurant bar stools come in a variety of materials, giving you the option to choose what pairs best with the rest of your venue’s theme. If your walls and accents feature a lot of rustic wood, traditional wooden barstools will match appropriately. If your bar has a modern vibe, consider contemporary stools made of aluminum or metal. Have outdoor seating? Wicker and wrought iron work great against the weather.
  • 3. Comfortable Features – Commercial counter stools are usually durable and heavy to support weight, but comfort is always a big thing to remember as well. Consider cushioned pads on your chairs or invest in high quality barstools that feature armrests and extended back support. Is your venue tightly packed? Sometimes having backless or swivel stools can help with accessibility. Footrests are also great for higher bars where a patron’s feet may dangle off the side.
  • 4. Spacing – Much like the width between your seats, the amount of seats is also important to keep in mind. You don’t want an overly cramped bar where people will pull stools away to make more space, thus blocking walkways. You also don’t want too few stools, where guests will awkwardly stand in a spot they could be sitting. By remembering how width between guests comes into play, you can fill your empty space accordingly.

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