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You need furniture that will last.

durable table basesCommercial restaurant furniture needs to be functional, elegant or easy on eyes and able to take the wear and tear of everyday use and yet look good. It is not easy to completely refurbish a whole restaurant because the furniture starts looking shabby and dull after some time.  It is not only financially disastrous, but also not reasonable.  A restaurant is a commercial enterprise and is suppose to bring in profit on the investment.  It is not profitable if one selects the furniture, tables, seating and bases, without keeping in mind the profit angle.


All furniture, tables, chairs, bar, bar stools, booth seating arrangements, everything needs to be chosen keeping in mind the functionality and lasting property of each item. For example, if you have selected tables with thin four legged base because it looks modern, then these tables are going to topple over in the future when you load them with food, plates, bottles, glasses, etc. Again, modern plastic chairs in rainbow colors with spindly legs and thin seat look very attractive, but they are not very attractive to a man who sits on one to find the chair splintering and breaking under him.


Commercial restaurant furniture needs to be made up of hard reliable wood and material to stand the wear and tear of daily cleaning and usage. This also means the soft furnishing like chair cushions needs to be made of a material which can be washed and cleaned easily. Beechwood chairs for example are very durable and come in a variety of styles to match any atmosphere. The success story of running a successful restaurant is to have furniture which is functional yet easy on the eyes.


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