What is the Best Type of Wood for Outdoor Furniture?

Asking yourself what is the best type of wood for outdoor furniture? We’re here to help.

What is the Best Type of Wood for Outdoor Furniture

There are a few unique challenges in selecting the best outdoor furniture for your restaurant. While of course aesthetics are important, you also need to consider durability, sturdiness, and the ability of the furniture to withstand the weather conditions of your restaurant’s location. These factors become even more important when you’re dealing with wood.

Wood furniture can provide your patio with a stunning look that’s both classic and contemporary. Which type you choose depends largely on the overall effect that you are going for, as well as what conditions your furniture will be facing. Below, we’ll go over some of the various types of wood for outdoor furniture and what you should consider with each type to make sure you make the best purchasing decision for your business.


Teak is a hardwood, making it less susceptible to the elements that it might face outdoors.

Pro: Teak wood for outdoor furniture is a popular choice since it has relatively minimal care requirements and can stand up well to inclement weather.

Con: Because it’s so durable, teak furniture tends to run a bit pricier than other wood varieties.


Cedar is a classic when it comes to outdoor furniture, with a timeless look that can maintain its integrity for a long time with the proper amount of care.

Pro: Cedar can withstand high amounts of moisture, which is a definite plus if your restaurant is located somewhere that faces a lot of rain or humidity.

Con: To keep cedar at its best, you’ll need to be diligent about yearly maintenance. This includes treating your furniture once a year with a protective oil coating.


Bamboo is a sustainable wood with a modern look that fits in well with greenery and minimalist design.

Pro: Bamboo is highly durable and will resist a lot of the damage that comes along with everyday use from patrons.

Con: While you certainly can use bamboo furniture outside, you’ll have to be careful not to leave it out for prolonged periods in extreme temperatures or when there’s moisture. As a general rule of thumb, bamboo is best for covered patios and/or those with umbrellas that can block direct sunlight.

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