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How Do Restaurants Maximize Seating?

Part of choosing the right restaurant furniture is making sure to ask the right questions—including how do restaurants maximize seating? A strategic seating plan is necessary for getting as much utility as possible out of restaurant space, and for selecting the furniture that is going to make that happen. Below, we’ll talk about how to […]

High-End Restaurant Furniture From Woodard Takes Your Restaurant Beyond the Boundaries of Taste

A dining experience is about more than just the food, which is why it’s important to select high-end restaurant furniture that your patrons find to be both comfortable and well-designed. And that’s easy to do with the Woodard brand, a mainstay in the hospitality furniture industry for more than 150 years.  Woodard designs top of […]

What Is Powder Coated Furniture?

You may or may not have heard about it before, but what is powder coated furniture and, more importantly, why might you choose it for your restaurant’s patio? Powder coating is a quick way to get intense, saturated colors on furniture (usually metal furniture). Similar to spray painting, but more durable, powder coating uses a […]