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How to pick the right stable base for your business.

sturdy-table-baseCommercial restaurant furniture has to be sturdy and functional yet it has to be pleasing to the eyes as well.  Tables and seating and bases all have to be selected keeping this point in mind.  Bases are an important part of furniture, particularly tables.  The whole weight of the furniture rests on bases and if the base is not strong there is a chance that tables will topple over with the weight of food, cutlery, crockery, bottles and glasses etc. There are different types of bases, like a single flat base, four legged aluminum base, or pedestal base. All are made keeping the functional use of the table in mind. It’s easy to choose the types of bases one needs for commercial restaurant furniture.


Tables with single base have one flat base at the bottom.  Single pedestal base is considered stronger, it can support the table and any weight one wants to put on the top of the table. Generally, restaurant tables have a pedestrian style base with flat feet, which grip the ground and keep the table sturdy.  The four foot legged base looks elegant and come in different styles, made of steel, wood, or iron.  Sometimes outdoor restaurants favor a four legged base for the tables.  The latest base is made out of a round pipe like pole attached to a square or round plate on the ground.


Whatever type of base you would like to choose for your restaurant please keep in mind that it needs to be both trendy and functional.  It is very embarrassing for the guests to sit on a table which sometimes tend to topple over because it has a weak base.


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