The Bar Stool Height Guide for Restaurants

Finding the perfect bar stool height isn’t always easy, so we’ve put together this bar stool height guide to help you narrow down your options.

Bar Stool Height Guide

Choosing the right height is important, both for the look of your bar space and for functionality. Pick out bar stools that are too low and your patrons won’t have easy access to their food and drinks. Go too high and they might not be able to sit on the seat at all.

To figure out the best height, start with the height of your counter and go from there. Below, we’ll go over different types of bar stool heights, plus the various factors that you should consider when choosing bar stools for your restaurant.

Understanding Bar Stool Heights

Most bar stools that you’ll find are going to be listed as either standard bar height or counter stool height. So what is the difference between counter height and bar height? It’s primarily just about how tall they are. In both cases, the “height” refers to the distance from the top of the bar stool seat to the floor. Higher countertops necessitate taller stools, and in all cases, you’ll want to ensure that the height of the stool is in balance with the height of the counter.

What is standard bar height? Standard bar height stools are generally 29” to 32” tall and paired with bar tables that are 41” to 43” high. The seat is generally 17” wide.

What is counter stool height? Counter height stools are generally 23” to 28” tall and paired with bar tables that are 35” to 37” high. The seat is generally 15” wide.

To accommodate your patrons, it is always advised that you provide about 10” of space between the top of the bar counter and the top of the bar stool. This leaves rooms for an individual’s legs while still allowing them to comfortably reach their drinks. Aside from proximity to the bar top, another notable difference between standard bar height and counter stool height is in their relation to standing patrons. Standard bar height is often preferred in restaurant bars because it allows some people to stand and some people to sit while everyone is still able to easily converse.

How to Choose Bar Stools

Choosing bar stools for your restaurant should always start with size. Measure the height of your bar tops to factor in height, and then keep in mind that you want about 26” to 30” between the centers of each bar stool. This will affect how many stools total you can fit in your space. Keep style in mind too, since you don’t want to choose stools purely for size and then discover they don’t work with your design.

Whether it’s through our bar stool height guide or another one, make sure to have the key points above for reference when you’re shopping. This will help you more easily hone in on your best options so that you can choose the right bar stools for your restaurant both in size and style.

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