Top Restaurant Furniture Trends for 2023

Restaurant Furniture Trends

Once the COVID-19 lockdown ended and dining out resumed, customers started to pay more attention to their surroundings, craving an aesthetic experience that complements their meal. A big part of this new “dining out experience” is a restaurant that’s comfortable, welcoming, and unique in character. 

Today’s restaurant furniture trends are blending the best of the past and present. From high-end establishments to fast-casual restaurants and cafes, interiors are designed with a blend of mid-century influences and modern, contemporary elements. 

Explore the furniture and design trends that are making dining out more memorable.

Restaurant Design Trends – Telling a Story with Theme & Decor  

Many of today’s restaurants combine furniture, design layout, art, and menus that contribute to a larger, on-brand narrative about what that establishment represents and why. Current restaurant design trends communicate the space’s values and aesthetics as a part of the story of the cuisine they serve. 

Of course, this tactic takes on many forms as you move from gourmet eatery to gastropub to humble seafood shack. But you’ll likely find at least a few of these motifs in common among the restaurants you visit: 

Industrial Meets Rustic 

A big restaurant design trend is to combine industrial elements, such as exposed piping and metal fixtures, with the rustic feel of reclaimed wood. You may encounter driftwood wall art while sitting on premium Italian beechwood chairs as you look over the menu.

Comfortable & Casual Seating

Even at fine-dining restaurants, you’ll probably find seating that emphasizes comfort rather than formal design. Restauranteurs have been picking out cushy booths, upholstered chairs, teak outdoor chairs, and other furniture defined by simplicity and comfort.    

Natural Materials 

The environment and sustainability are major issues, and restaurant interiors reflect this concern. That’s why an increasingly important restaurant furniture trend is to use eco-friendly, natural materials such as bamboo, rattan, and wood. This has the effect of giving interiors an earthy, warm ambiance. 

Outdoor Dining 

The response to the pandemic placed a priority on distance and fresh air, and this influence continues in the prevalence of outdoor seating options. Many restaurants feature patios, decks, or rooftop terraces, where you’ll likely sit on resin, aluminum, or wrought-iron furniture.  

Vintage & Modern Design

Designers have taken inspiration from the furniture of the 1950s and 1960s while using more contemporary features, such as exposed brick accent walls and metallic paint palettes, to create inviting and attractive spaces. This mix of old and new makes for a timeless-yet-relevant impression among diners. 

Appealing Textures 

Another restaurant design trend is an emphasis on texture. This can mean combining together LVT flooring with a natural wood finish, furnishings with textiles, accent lighting, concrete wall finishes, and any number of other styles to create a layering effect. 

Bistro Tables & Bases – for Elegant Restaurant Furnishings 

In the future, we can expect to see restaurant interiors that are as luxurious and opulent as the food served in them. As restaurants strive to provide an exceptional dining experience, these restaurant interior design ideas and trends are likely to evolve and take on new forms. Ultimately, the key to a success is a combination of comfortable seating and an attractive interior design that creates a pleasant atmosphere for diners. 
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