What are the Benefits of Wrought Iron Outdoor Furniture?

If you’re wondering whether wrought iron outdoor furniture is a good choice for your restaurant, you’re in the right place. There are a lot of good reasons to consider wrought iron for your outdoor space, and so long as you take proper care of it, wrought iron furniture is an investment that can pay off for years to come.

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For this post, we’ve put together a quick list of benefits you should know if you are seriously considering wrought iron for your outdoor restaurant furniture. Learn more about what it is, why it’s a smart choice, and how to properly clean and care for it.

What is wrought iron furniture?

Wrought iron is a classic choice when it comes to wholesale restaurant furniture. In fact, the style has been around for hundreds of years already—and it’s unlikely to fade from popularity anytime soon.

Wrought iron itself is an iron alloy that’s easy to bend and meld and extremely strong and durable once dry. It’s heavier than comparable materials like cast aluminum and requires a bit more maintenance, too. But it offers a totally timeless look that’s hard to replicate with other materials, and can easily blend in with any restaurant design.

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Benefits of wrought iron furniture

There’s a reason that wrought iron furniture has been so popular for centuries. Modern wrought iron furniture offers a ton of benefits, particularly when it comes to durability and style. Here are some of the big ones:

  • It’s easy to clean and care for
  • It doesn’t rust as easily as many other metals
  • It’s strong, heavy, and sturdy, making it ideal for outdoor conditions
  • It’s comfortable to sit in
  • It’s elegant and visually attractive
  • It’s affordable

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How to clean and care for wrought iron furniture

Proper care and maintenance is necessary to ensure that wrought iron furniture stays in top condition. Use a mixture of water and gentle dish soap to wipe down the surface of wrought iron furniture, and use a small brush dipped in the mixture to clean any curves and intricate accents. Rinse with water and then fully dry with a towel and you’re done!

To take the best possible care of your wrought iron furniture, apply a spray wax once or twice a year to protect against rain and treat any chipped surfaces when and if they appear to prevent rust from forming. Treat rust right away too if you notice any. All you need is a stiff brush or some steel wool, and to gently buff the area until the imperfection is gone. Cover up your wrought iron furniture during the off-season and store it indoors away from winter elements.

Wrought iron precautions

There aren’t too many precautions to keep in mind with wrought iron furniture. The main one is wind, since wrought iron isn’t always as heavy as you expect. If your restaurant is located somewhere that often faces heavy winds, add weights or tethers to the bottom of your wrought iron furniture to keep the pieces in place.

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