3 Restaurant Furniture Trends That Are Worth Following

Just like trends in fashion or interior design, restaurant furniture trends are constantly changing and evolving. Part of the job of being a restaurant owner is to know which of these trends are worth following and which trends are worth skipping so that you can focus on creating a space that’s equal parts beautiful and functional.

Restaurant Furniture Trends

Today’s approach to modern restaurant furniture design balances the new and the old to bring together a look that guests can feel comfortable in—and that will look great on their Instagram page! These top restaurant furniture trends will help you achieve that balance for a space that people want to come back to again and again. So what are they? Read on for the three trends you’ll definitely want to consider incorporating in your restaurant.

  1. Wood Furniture with a Rustic, Industrial Vibe

Wood has long been a mainstay in the world of restaurant furniture thanks to its versatility in appearance and function. It also brings out an inherently natural feel, which makes it a great complement to another restaurant trend: industrial design. Similar to the rise of the farmhouse trend in home interiors, restaurants are combining wood with industrial touches like cast iron, piping, and bare brick walls for a look that’s both rustic and modern.

  1. Communal Furniture

You can’t talk about modern restaurant furniture trends without mentioning communal furniture. The rise in communal dining is in line with general design trends toward open-concept spaces and allows restaurants to maximize their seating arrangements and welcome in a more social vibe. So long as communal furniture is set up with care and thoughtfulness, it’s absolutely possible to embrace this look and offer a unique experience without making your guests feel like you’re just trying to fit in as many people as possible. And not only does it look cool, but it’s also a great way to increase overall profits.

  1. Mixed Furniture

The best thing about modern commercial furniture trends is how they throw out a lot of what we consider to be the basic tenets of restaurant design to introduce something a bit more fresh and funky. Case in point: mixed and matched furniture and seating options, which make restaurants feel whimsical and a lot homier. To adopt this trend while also adding rhyme and reason to your design theme, choose one element to mix and match and keep the rest similar. For example, go with the same style of chair but opt for a range of different colors, or choose a bunch of different tables but keep them the same material. The end result is a look that’s as put together as it is varied, and a perfect way to incorporate this modern furniture trend.

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