Understanding the simplicity trend in restaurant furniture.

As the economy is slowly returning to normal, many people are finally finding their way back to eating out and taking time out of there day to enjoy the experience. It is crucial for restaurants to not only have their menu in tip-top shape, but capture these limited patrons with a modern, simple, pleasurable experience. […]

Reinvent your outdoor restaurant space.

  More and more, restaurants are utilizing their outside dining space. This helps increase revenue by letting restaurants have higher seating capacities. In some instances, however, it is important to realize that the outside space for businesses should be an extension of the atmosphere created inside.   Redefining and reinventing your current outdoor space may […]

Durable outdoor furniture that fits your budget.

When searching the internet for commercial furniture one factor that is often overlooked is durability.  Not only do you want something that fits a budget, you want furniture that does not need to be replaced often.     While thinking about durability, you need to determine what type of environment is your restaurant in. Is […]