5 Tips for Choosing Restaurant Bar Tables and Bases (Part 5)


We have reached the last tip in our series on choosing the right restaurant furniture for your business. If you missed our last 4 tips, you can find it in the previous articles on our restaurant furniture blog.


To summarize, here is a quick review of our tips:

Tip 1: explore the materials that restaurant tables are made of.

Tip 2: finding the perfect height restaurant table.

Tip 3: Choosing the right durability restaurant furniture.

Tip 4: Get easy to clean table tops for faster turnover.

Tip 5: Picking the right type of table base.


No matter what table top fits your restaurant it needs the right kind of sturdy table base to make it safe from tipping, secure from rocking, the right height and style to match your restaurant.  You always want to make sure you double check the dimensions and weight specifications for your table base to make sure it fits your table top properly. If you have any questions, as a vendor of table bases for many years, we can help match all of our table tops with table bases.


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Thank you for reading.  Come back soon for the next series to help you pick your restaurant furniture.