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Restaurant Grade Table Bases

Commercial-Grade Table Bases for Outdoor and Indoor Use

When it comes to choosing the best restaurant table bases for your establishment, you’ve got to make sure that all of your pieces will work together to not only enhance the ambiance, but provide a functional dining space. Below is a list of several things to consider when purchasing commercial-grade table bases for your restaurant:Restaurant Grade Table Bases

Table Top

Before you choose your table bases, you need to make sure that the table base strength is enough to support the table tops you have chosen. Our knowledgeable representatives are available to help you make sure that your restaurant table bases will be a good fit for the tops you have chosen.

Base Type

The 3 most common type of table bases include:

  • Cross Table Base—a good option for conserving floor space around the table.
  • Round Table Base—a good option for classic design where there’s enough room for chairs to fit easily around the table without being restricted by the base.
  • Boltdown Table Base—a good option when you need fixed tables in your venue.

The type of table base you choose is really best determined by intended use of your table.

Base Metals

The main types of materials used for commercial-grade table bases include:

The metal you choose for your table bases depends on the commercial table tops you have chosen, intended use and your personal preference for enhancing the look and feel of your space.

Base Use

If you are planning on using your table bases outdoors, it’s important to make sure you choose a material that can withstand the elements in your climate. Please contact us to learn more about the best material for your outdoor table bases.

Base Style

Once you have narrowed down what you need in a table base for it to be functional, it’s time to consider style. Do you want something decorative or ornamental? Do you want something sleek and modern? Or are you going to simple and classic? By defining your overall design goals, we can help you find the best commercial-grade table bases to bring your vision to life.

Still have questions about choosing the best table bases for your needs? Check out our frequently asked questions page or give us a call.

Whether you’re looking for conference table legs for your hotel, bar height table bases, dining height table bases or a custom height table base, Bistro Tables and Baseshas what you need!

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