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Outdoor Restaurant Patio Chairs

New commercial outdoor restaurant furniture is an investment. An enhanced outdoor seating area can expand your restaurant’s allure and capacity, and stylish chairs can brand your restaurant. To make the most of your investment, it’s important to know your options for commercial outdoor furniture to make sure you choose the patio chairs that are right for your location.


Climate Considerations

Bistro Tables and Bases carries aluminum and wrought iron restaurant patio chairs. Which is better for your restaurant may be a decision largely determined by your local climate. Some questions to consider:

Are the chairs designed for outdoor use? Both aluminum and wrought iron outdoor restaurant furniture is able to withstand sun exposure and rain.

Do you live near the coast? Wrought iron can be damaged by salty air, so seaside locations would do better with aluminum outdoor restaurant furniture.

Will your chairs be in direct sunlight? If you are in a very sunny climate, aluminum restaurant patio chairs may also be better because they do not heat up as much as wrought iron in direct sunlight.

Do you live in a windy area? If wind is consistently an issue, the weight and stability of wrought iron furniture may be desirable.

Operational Considerations

In addition to geographic and climate considerations, local ordinances and your daily operations are also important factors in choosing the right commercial outdoor furniture. Consider the following:

Do local ordinances require you to clear outdoor patio areas of chairs and tables? If so, stackable chairs may be preferable.

Do you need to secure your outdoor restaurant chairs for theft prevention? If so, stackable chairs may be preferable.

Is your establishment frequented by young guest and/or guests with small children? If so, lighter (aluminum) chairs will make it easier for patrons to rearrange your outdoor restaurant chairs to accommodate their needs.

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Bistro Tables and Bases has a large selection of restaurant patio chairs that may be used for indoor and outdoor seating. We pride ourselves on our service and ability to help you find the best commercial outdoor restaurant furniture for your location, business needs and budget.

If you have any questions about our selection of restaurant outdoor patio chairs, please contact us. When you are ready to order, please call!

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