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Arranging your restaurant seating is as important as arranging your menu.


Commercial restaurant furniture, particularly tables, seating and bases have to be chosen after keeping in mind some basic facts.  Tables and chairs in a restaurant need to be selected to fill up as much as space as possible. Unlike a home where one can sacrifice enormous space for the sake of creating harmony and aesthetic environment, waste of space in a restaurant means commercial waste.  Seating arrangements are important, if chairs arranged too close to each other it makes for an awkward seating arrangements.  For a trendy restaurant it is important to go for trendy seating arrangements.


Many designer furniture shops have chairs which are made keeping in mind commercial restaurants. They’re trendy resin chairs, bar stools, large seating arrangements across walls with soft, trendy sofas flush against walls across tables with a chair placed opposite.  Bar stools, comfortable cushion chairs with arm rests, long seating sofa arrangements in the middle of the room, cushioned chair with straight back and chairs with curved bottom and backs are some ideas which are put forth by furniture designers for the commercial restaurants.


Restaurants need to create an ambiance of good food, pleasant and gracious living.  Therefore, it is essential for the owners to select seating arrangement, chairs and sofas with an eye to create an image as well as trying to keep the space in the restaurant commercially viable. This is a difficult task, but it can be done with a little care and attention to detail.


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