The Biggest Trends in Restaurant Design for 2021

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Trends In Restaurant Design

A great looking restaurant never goes out of style, but as this year’s trends in restaurant design show us, the elements of what makes a stunning space are always evolving.

The success and significance of a restaurant is about more than just the food that they serve. Atmosphere is equally important, with design playing a key role in setting the tone for the space as a whole.

We’re always working with our clients to bring their design ideas to life. And in 2021, the food industry trends that are shaping restaurant interior design are focused on key features like color, sustainability, and nature—all of which are likely to have a lasting impact even as overall preferences continue to change over time.

With all this in mind, here are six trends that are shaping restaurant design right now, with creative café interior ideas that may be worth incorporating into your own space.

6 Modern Restaurant Design Trends of 2021

When we talk about the future of restaurant business and what restaurants will look like in the immediate years to come—and beyond—design is as big a part of the puzzle as operations and food trends. And in 2021, these are the trends taking center stage.

  1. Color as concept

Color has always been used as an accent in restaurant design, but what about as a concept itself? This year, expect to see entire interiors centered around the use of color, particularly ones that invoke the theme of the space—for example, greens and yellows for vegetarian and vegan spots, and sophisticated, earthy shades for steakhouses and other upscale joints.

  1. Use of wood and other natural elements

Natural wood textures are having a moment, particularly in restaurant furniture and décor. This mirrors the general trend toward wood elements in contemporary design, which is complemented through the use of other natural elements like stone, metal, and even plant life, all of which pair well with wood and make a statement in their own right.

  1. Statement pieces

Does your restaurant make a statement? A statement piece grounds your space and serves as a focal point (and talking point) for guests. So while you want to have cohesion in your restaurant design, a pop of something special could be the thing that gets your patrons excited to come back—and that makes it onto their Instagram pages.

  1. Sustainable design

Sustainability is huge right now, and likely will be for years to come. Think heavy use of sustainable woods like bamboo, an absence of artificial materials, and a reliance on earthy elements like air and light to fill the space without cluttering it.

  1. Open kitchens

Patrons continue to love open kitchen concepts, which offer “dinner and a show,” as well as a continuation of design from end to end of your space. If you go this route, make sure your kitchen design is complementary and cohesive with the rest of your interior, while also adding in elements that make it shine.

Unique restaurant ideas have always been part of creating an outstanding restaurant experience. And at Bistro Tables and Bases, we’re here to help you take these ideas and make them part of your larger vision, all at affordable prices. Shop our collection of contemporary restaurant furniture today, including table bases, table tops, and bar stools, and design a space that incorporates 2021 trends.

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