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Folding Aluminum Outdoor Restaurant Table Bases

Top quality commercial aluminum outdoor folding restaurant table bases. Comes complete with everything shown in the picture. Please contact us for a quote or for additional information. Minimum order 4 bases. Nice discounts for larger orders


    • Dining Height: 28″ Tall
    • Bar Height: 41″ Tall
    • All Season
    • Lightweight
    • Durable and Stable
    • Space Saving
    • 1 year warranty

    • Dimensions: 30″x30″ Aluminum Finish
    • Max top size: 36″ Square
    • Weight : 11 lbs
    • MSRP Dining Height $175

    • Dimensions: 26″x26″ Black or Aluminum
    • Max top size: 32″ Square
    • Weight : 9 lbs
    • MSRP Dining Height: $130
    • MSRP Bar Height: $143
    • MSRP 6lb Base Weight: $19

Folding  Aluminum Table Base
Folding Table Base